All items are handmade with love by Shan refugees living in Northern Thailand. 100% of all profits from these scarves are invested back into development and education programs for the Shan refugees and other disadvantaged people. 

The Shan are a Tai ethnic group of Southeast Asia. The Shan lives primarily in the Shan State of Myanmar. Shan people are known as the "Tai Yai" in north Thailand. The Burmese military junta has been systematically eliminating various people groups that are non-burmese since the 1960’s. The horrific conditions inside Burma have led to a massive exodus of Shan families to the neighboring Thailand, where they have not been given official UN refugee status. This means that these refugees can’t receive any international aid. They struggle to earn a living in the jungles of northern Thailand, and as such many work as illegally migrant laborers.

Our goal is to help Shan refugees who live in migrant camps to get a basic education, while helping their families earn regular wages. We will do this through education development, agricultural training and small business development via micro-financing projects.